Making Your First Mark In Cyber Security By Passing Cisco 200-201 Exam And Earning The Certification

Cisco CyberOps Associate  Certification

Cisco's CyberOps isn't a new name to those in the industry. Moreover, now there is the CyberOps Associate certification that is one of the most popular options for beginners. It is the perfect choice for you if you've been wanting to get an associate-level position related to cybersecurity, especially if it is in a Security Operations Centre (SOC). And the best news is, you have to pass only one exam to get accredited! Keep reading to know the new CyberOps and its test better!

Isn’t It the CCNA CyberOps?

Yes, and no. The Certbolt CCNA CyberOps badge is now retired, replaced with the updated Cisco CyberOps Associate. The previous 210-250 SECFND and 210-255 SECOPS exams are now combined into one and offered as a 120-minute assessment with the code 200-201. Covering topics such as security monitoring, network intrusion as well as host-based analysis, and security policies, preparing for and passing this test is a great learning experience for a newbie. By acing it, you’ll prove a good foundational knowledge in security concepts.

What Benefits It Can Bring?

No matter how good and popular a credential is, you must explore all of its features and ensure this is the most suitable option for you and best compliments your goals. Only in this case, you’ll go through the whole process smoothly and will obtain all the perks it claims to bring. So, let’s observe some crucial points you have to be aware of: 


  • A great thing about the Exam-Labs CyberOps Associate certification could be the fact that it doesn't require any prerequisites. It doesn't restrict anyone from working for their dreams! You only need to master the topics to ace the exam, and success will be yours!

  • This badge is your best chance of getting an entry-level job in the cybersecurity industry since it is recognized worldwide and has up-to-date content. Focusing quite heavily on security monitoring in SOCs, this certification is brilliant is proving your readiness to land a role as a junior or Level 1 SOC analyst.

  • If you're switching to cybersecurity from another field that doesn’t deal much with such technologies, the CyberOps Associate can also be a good assistant. It covers all the basics you need to know for an entry-level job. So, if you're having any fears over your lack of knowledge in security or networking negatively impacting any chances you have at trying out a new job, worry not as you will be well-equipped with these skills as well.


Tricks to Preparing for 200-201 Test Efficiently

Now that you’ve decided to acquire the credential, here are a few tips to keep in mind when learning for 200-201 exam:


  • Enroll in official training – Cisco provides an official course for 200-201 and following it is advised. This is your best source of information compiled in a step-by-step manner helping you to grasp every single principle completely.

  • Gain hands-on skills – While learning the theories behind cybersecurity can be quite exciting for a newbie, we can guarantee you that it's loads more fun applying them for actual issues. Make sure you get practical experience during preparation as this is what matters out there in the real world.

  • Use something extra – When you’re new to the field, you’d need all the help you can get from anywhere. Don’t just stick to the official training in hopes of passing the exam and calling it a day. The extra reading you do can go a long way once you’re actually employed.


Final Thoughts

The newly updated Cisco CyberOps Associate is the best certification for you as a cyber-security newbie trying to get an entry-level role, Now, you are motivated with the benefits awaiting you and know all the basic details of this accreditation and its 200-201 exam. It’s time to start your journey!

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