Black Hat v/s White Hat SEO

Black Hat v/s White Hat SEO

If you have been in the market of SEO then you probably are aware of these terms “Black Hat” and “White Hat”. Well, they are not any technical terms but they are used to refer to the type of player in the market of SEO services. Being a “White Hat” or “Black Hat” is a philosophy. While the simple explanation of these terms can be that people who follow the rules are “White Hat” and who do not follow any rule are “Black Hat”, but this is not this simple to understand. They might not be the technical terms but they include the technical aspects as well.

So let’s see what is “Black Hat” and “White Hat” is:-

“White Hat”:- White Hats are those pages or website which uses each and every rule made by Google at Google Webmaster's Guide and always work according to the rules. While many Black Hat's think that White Hats are unimaginative people but that is not at all true, the main reason to follow each and every rule given in the guideline of Google is to avoid any future problem. Such as getting banned or penalized by Google for future work. Which will cost a huge loss in the ranking if you are here to stay for a long period of time? Working within the rule book is not an easy task though, one has to be aware of every rule there in the guideline and also have to be working according to them only. While the best part of being a White Hat is the result or the rewards that one gets, the rewards and wins as it is said are hard to get being a White Hat but these results will stay with you for a very long time and will give you benefit for a long time too. The perk of being a “White Hat” is this that the rewards going to be with you and your business even if you are not working from some time. The techniques used by “White Hat” include keywords, keywords research, rewriting meta tags in a way that they become relevant. White Hat mainly focuses on the human audience.

“Black Hat”: -Generally people think the people who use unethical ways to promote their site are black hats, while this is not a hundred percent true. Black Hats also uses the SEO but the only difference is that they use the way which is not allowed in the Google Webmaster Guidelines and this is the reason that they are considered or called “Black Hat”. But this can cost a lot to the site as Google keeps a very tight track on the sites using SEO and always look for the sites which are breaking the rules. And ban them immediately to work in the future. Which is not good for any site, while Black Hat’s are considered hackers by many people while this is not true they do not break any rule or law all they do is use different tactics to gain the crowd on their website which is not liked or allowed by the Google? They just do all this to gain the rank on the search engines in a very short time which is not possible otherwise. While they just use the tricks but they are often looked at by other people as this method includes a lot risk of getting permanent ban or a serious punishment by Google. “Black Hat” techniques are keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts, blog content spamming, etc. Black Hat is different from White Hat's and do not focus on the human audience at all.

Hope this may have cleared the confusion about the “Black Hat” and “White Hat” and these are the just general difference that can be understood by anyone, while there is much other greater difference which is deeper and is very technical and can be understood by the people who are the part of this market and uses the SEO on daily basis. And these differences can make you understand what the right thing to do is and what is not. And what will be beneficial for you and your website?

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