You Will Not Believe These Bizarre Truths About Home Security

Home Security

Burglaries are everywhere, and homes without security systems are often targeted. Now, you can easily install a comprehensive home security system that will give you constant updates of events at home on your own. You will also be able to automate home monitoring through your mobile app to understand what is going on in your house.


With crime occurring daily in all parts of the world, the only solution is to have a system that will safeguard your property and loved ones. It is easy to install a security system in your home, considering the many innovative options available in the market. Technology has necessitated the integration of high tech devices to mare home security system reliable and user-friendly.


But do you know the bizarre truths about home security? Let's delve into some of the facts that will probably push you to get your home security system today:


Home Security Systems Are Very Much Affordable


Whether you are working on a tight budget or not, there will always be a system in the market for you. Many brands have a wide variety of security systems that cater to homeowners of different economic backgrounds. 



You can opt for easy to maintain burglar alarms, doorbell cameras, motion detectors, fire alarms, and many more. If you are not on a budget constraint, you can take a comprehensive home security system that is integrated with advanced devices and features.


Home Security Systems Can Prevent Accidents  


Home security systems are integrated with alarm systems enhanced with fire, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring. They can be connected to home lighting, locks, and thermostats, among other appliances. They also have water sensors that can alert you when there’s flooding. Carbon monoxide and smoke sensors can shut off your furnace automatically when it exceeds the set threshold.


All the systems can be linked to smart devices and controlled by a mobile application. This allows you to monitor your home and keep your family from intruders, natural disasters, and accidents.


Home Security Systems Can Save You Money


A professionally monitored home security system will earn you a discount of about 20% from your insurance provider. 


Security systems that are integrated with video surveillance and live stream to electronic devices will reduce the risk of burglary. When burglars break into your home, the police will be notified as soon as possible and intervene before more damage is done to your property.


Since it is portable, you can carry your system with you when you are moving out. Wireless devices are easy to install.


Home Security Systems Are Cost-Effective


The price of energy is high, and every homeowner will embrace any system that will help minimize energy consumption at home. A sound home security system, when connected to home automation devices and systems provides energy-efficient functionalities that can lower electricity bills.


With light control features, smart thermostats and automatic door lights, you will not waste a lot of energy operating them. You can control the features from your smartphone or computer. The system can be configured to turn off the lights or other appliances whenever you forget to do so. 


Burglars May Shy Away From Homes with Home Security


Statistics have shown that burglars avoid breaking into homes with security systems. They target those homes that haven’t taken security measures. When checking out their target, they focus on various entry points that can give them easy access to the house. Window stickers and yard signs can help to deter burglars.


Home Security Systems Can Still Operate When there is Power Outage


Almost all models of home security systems will continue to operate during a power outage. The traditional models are often low voltage and don't require a lot of power to run. Many of the systems have large batteries that offer back-up power when the main power is out. There are also solar-powered options you can choose for your home. 


About 87% of Burglaries Can be prevented


Whether it is a planned burglary or that which occurred by chance, most of the burglaries can be prevented. You can do this by installing a full home security system or just a basic burglar alarm. The new technology can help protect your home and your loved ones.


Home Security Systems Offer Full Protection


Advanced home security systems have plenty of integrated devices and features that offer full protection to your home. Although the primary purpose of the system is to protect the residence from burglars, their efficiency provides more protection. They come with gas leak detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or smoke detectors and fire alarms to alert you when a danger against pollutants or a fire is detected. Some even respond to medical emergencies.


About 34% of Thieves Use the Front Door to Break-In


It has been noted that burglars usually prefer easy access when breaking into your home. They will use an open window or door to enter and steal. 



First floor doors and windows are the most used by burglars. When you have overgrown bushes or trees in your compound, they will use them to hide and enter your home. Always lock the doors and windows, activate the alarm, and cut all the trees and shrubs near the house. 


Burglars will Always Come Back for More


Many houses have reported multiple break-ins, and you may wonder why. Burglars like to rob places they have familiarized themselves with. A home they have already broken into without getting caught is the best place they'd go to.


They also know that the owner is not expecting another break-in, and anticipate that the owner has replaced the stolen items. That is why they will plan another break in to get more items.




Using comprehensive home security systems and other preventive measures can help you protect your family from burglaries and other accidents. With automated systems, you can easily monitor your property and the activities taking place through your smartphone.


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