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In today’s digitally emerging world, privacy has become a significant concern for online users. According to reports, there are over 1 million cyber attacks each day which breaks down to nearly one cyber attack every 12 seconds. The Center for Strategic and International Studies report has made it clear that the figure is expected to double by 2030. Considering the 2X increase in cyber-attacks, it makes sense to have a virtual private network.

Whether you are working remotely or just want to keep your online presence safe from hackers’ eyes, a VPN (a virtual private network) is key for increasing your security and anonymity online. But the demand for VPN has increased dramatically, and new players are jumping into the market. That can make it tricky to find the best Virtual Private Network to meet your specific needs. However, we will try our best to recommend the most reliable VPNs right now. Here we will discuss what a VPN means to you and what are some best VPNs in 2021.

What Is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) provides your online privacy and anonymity by separating a private network from a public internet connection. Unlike shared networks, this private network better safeguards your online activity from cybercriminals and even your own Internet Service Provider, or ISP.

VPNs en-shroud your internet protocol, aka IP address, so your online activities such as browsing and watching, etc., will be completely untraceable. When talking about the best virtual private network, privacy and security can be easily messed up. So, let’s check what it means:

Privacy: It is the act of keeping your online activities to yourself. That may include a website or social media apps tracking you and gathering data. When you decide to go private while browsing, it means you’re limiting the legitimate use of your data -- marketing, advertising, and consumer research, etc.

Security: In simple words, it is the process of protecting your data from malicious cyber threats like ransomware and so on. That means you are protecting your data from cybercriminals who might intercept and steal your banking credentialing or other information while surfing online.

A secure virtual private network is likely to be private, but they might not give security like antivirus. However, your online presence will be completely anonymous and untraceable.

Top 5 Best VPNs Right Now

Let’s dig deep into our VPN vendors below and find the best virtual private network for online security & privacy.

1. Nord VPN - Best VPN For Reliability & Security

NordVPN is one of the most trusted names in the VPN field. In our review, we found that it is an excellent choice for data privacy & security. It offers up to six simultaneous connections through its private network. You can get 65% off if you get NordVPN with a 2-year plan today!

We like NordVPN the most because it provides a dedicated IP address for those who are serious about their security and need a different level of VPN. Along with a kill button feature, it allows turning VPN into Tor with a click. We detected ZERO privacy leaks during our test and found it perfect to rank among the best VPN for online security.

Why Choose This:

  • 5,000-plus IP addresses

  • 5,200-plus servers

  • 62 worldwide server locations

  • Audited twice a year for better performance

  • Unlimited high-speed bandwidth

2. ExpressVPN - The Most Secure VPN Today

If you spend most of your time browsing the internet, watching online videos, and are concerned about your online privacy, ExpressVPN should be at the top of your bucket list.

ExpressVPN claims that its network is powered by TrsutedServer Technology, which the company invented to provide users with ZERO-log browsing and other online activities. This VPN has undergone several independent security audits, which have proved it has no logs. 

And, what impressed us to rank this at #2 among the best VPN is an incident that took place in 2017. The authorities seized a Turkish ExpressVPN server, but the company neither stored any data on the server nor handed it over to the authorities. That’s something we can call a good track record. 

Why Choose This:

  • 30,000-plus IP addresses

  • 3,000-plus servers

  • Military-grade encryption

  • Perfect forward secrecy

  • ZERO logging verified

  • TrustedServer technology

3. SurfShark - A feature-packed VPN for the best speed

Though SurfShark’s network is smaller than many other VPNs on this list, its speed and features acquired third place among the top 5 best VPN. SurfShark provides some most striking features that you will hardly see at its price.

One of the most exciting features is Double-Hop, which allows using two separate services to obfuscate your traffic. Other than this, the company has zero-knowledge DNS servers, 24/7 customer support, split tunneling, and ad blocking, to many more.

In an audit by German Security Company Cure 53, SurfShark received high marks against some of the big names in the market. 

Why Choose This:

  • Affordable price

  • 3,200-plus servers

  • Servers in 65+ locations

  • Strict no-logs policy

  • 30+ Netflix libraries

  • Great encryption + selection of protocols

  • Kill switch

  • Double Hop

4. CyberGhost - Best VPN for Streaming

In our review, we found that CyberGhost is the most decent choice as a Netflix VPN. Also, if you are a pro gamer, it is one of the best VPNs for gaming. Apart from these, if you want to protect your data from cybercriminals online, CyberGhost’s one-click IP hider is exclusively designed for you.

Nowadays, people make almost half of their transactions and communications online. So, the biggest reason we rank this among the top 5 best VPNs is its unmatched encrypted network for social media websites and online transactions.

Why Choose This:

  • 6,800-plus servers in 68+ countries

  • 111 server locations

  • Up to five simultaneous connections

  • Clear privacy policy

  • Highest encryption available

5. ProtonVPN - Highest Security at High Speed

Have you tried all the known VPNs but are not satisfied with their speed? Relax. ProtonVPN is better known for its speed. When we compare its speed with ExpressVPN, we saw an impressively small 6.5% drop. What impressed us here is that ProtonVPN only has 1,259 servers, yet it managed to compete with a leading VPN brand in the world. It was tremendous!

Why Choose This:

  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections

  • It has no data or speed limit

  • Get ZERO advertisement

  • It does not log into your online activities

  • Swiss privacy protection laws

These are the best VPNs from our side. Your experience might vary depending on your activities, but we found them perfect on every level of testing in terms of security & privacy.

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