11 Best Software For Making Music On Windows PC

Best Software For Making Music On Windows PC

Making music and producing masterpieces is like a hobby for many and a profession for others. Creating music is easy now-a-days and you don’t need to financially invest a lot to get the job done. With a wide range of free and paid software applications available over the Internet, you can produce something super cool and extraordinary without going to music studios for recording, i.e. without burning a hole in your pocket. All you need is a decent PC and you will be making some really great music with these applications. Below, we have laid down the 11 best software for making music on Windows PC.


An application that will always have a spot on the list of digital audio workstations. With millions of people using this open source software, it is the best cross platform software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can record multiple tracks and can add unique effects to the audio, change the pitch, treble, and bass. The track is presented in a waveform that can be edited for different regions. There are various plugins as well and multiple third party plugins are also supported making it a perfect pick.

FL Studio

Till the date, FL Studio is one of the most famous music production softwares and is known for the user-friendly interface. From pitch shifting, stretching, sound correction, and edition of different types of music, this software is packed with multiple features to deliver some outstanding tracks. You can record using your MIDI keyboard, microphone, etc. With a wide user database, there are tutorials also available for different features and functions of this software making it further easier for the beginners.

DarkWave Studio

DarkWave Studio is totally free and is great for music production in Windows OS as it only requires less storage and minimal CPU resources. There are many features including Sequence Editor, Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder, Virtual Studio, and Pattern Editor. You can browse the recording options under the HD recording tab. You can easily choose multiple plugins and can add a wide range of virtual effects to your audio tracks to make them sound better. The software is definitely worth a try and can be downloaded easily.

Presonus Studio One Prime

Free and paid, both versions of this DAW are available. For musicians and professional artists, the paid upgraded version is suggested and the free one is fine for beginners. You can create some fresh tracks and can edit or mix them in the free version. You can also add effects to your tracks. There are so many audio files, virtual instruments, tools, and FX available. Most of the important tools are equipped in the free version and you can surely do a lot with this version to create melodious songs.

Ableton Live

One of the best music production applications for both beginners and professionals. Users can start from scratch to record and make music or can use the pre-loaded list of MIDI and audio tracks to incorporate in the song. The software is perfect for electronic music creation as it is loaded with over 46 effects and 15 software instruments to make and mix some awesome sounds to create masterpieces. A free trial version is also available and you can upgrade to the paid one as well for upgraded features.

Waveform Free

A powerful and user-friendly digital audio workstation that works flawlessly on Windows OS and is loaded up with features for recording, editing, and mixing tracks. It can record MIDI and audio. The mixer comes with preloaded effects and you can use various cool features like track analysis, automation, etc. The software provides support for third party AU and VST plugins. So, you can do a lot more while making music in this software.

Avid Pro Tools

For mixing music to create unique pieces of music, Avid Pro Tools is the software you are looking for. Compatible with Windows OS, this advanced yet simple to use application can help you in creating some great music. It also comes with 70 plug-ins and effects, and many more features like compressors, channel stripping, EQ’s reverb, and so on. Download the free trial of this software or go for the professional paid version, you won’t regret using this software.

Tracktion T6

A not so hi-fi software but with all the basic features and functionalities to make music. The design is super simple and is great for beginners. You don’t have to switch to different windows inside the software as everything is available on the main screen. The software comes with a wide range of MIDI and audio tracks. Third party plugins are also supported in this software, making it a perfect low CPU usage software for making music on low-end Windows PCs.


LMMS is another cross platform music production application especially for beginners. You can edit tracks in the Piano Roll and can create Rhythm with the beat bassline editor. Use the automation editor to automate volume and effects. The software also has a wide variety of virtual synthesizers and is compatible with third party softwares so you can easily load plugins from the third party application to create and mix sounds on your track. You can export the songs in various formats and can use them in different music production applications as well.


Cakewalk is definitely an all-rounder application and is sometimes referred to as GarageBand of Windows OS. There are songwriting tools, audio editing tools, professional mixing engine, and sound effects to make some good sounding music. The GUI can also be customised with some themes available mainly for beginners. You can also use the preloaded virtual instruments if you don’t have your own. What’s more? You can also upload video files to the software to edit the audio track of the file which is good for creating and editing your own videos. With multiple export options available, you can upload the file to YouTube, Facebook, etc.


If you have already tried a lot of applications for making music on Windows PC, then give SoundBridge a try as you will love the easy to use interface. There are no advanced unnecessary features in this application. The application supports touchscreen devices and even VST plugins. There is a drum machine that can be customised and a range of editing tools to cut and mix multiple tracks at the same time. The software is available for free for Windows OS.

That was our list of 11 best softwares for making music on your Windows PC. Hope you find a perfect companion for creating music. What’s you pick then?


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