Best Gaming Phones – Great Phones For Every Kind Of Game

Best Gaming Phones

It would be no exaggeration to say that smartphones have helped popularise gaming to an extent not deemed possible even a few years ago. 

The one quality that today’s consumers value above anything else is convenience. They want to be able to access games when and where they want them. 

That was not always possible with consoles, even with hand held devices, which is why smartphones have been such a boon to the industry, especially since game developers began to channel their energies into creating mobile friendly versions of their products.

Certainly, many Irish online casinos featured in this guide, have all made the necessary investment to ensure that all their games can be accessed via the latest generation of smartphone. 

Those who now want to play a range of games on their device might be confused as to what model to buy, given the wide choice available on the market, especially as processors are getting faster, GPUs more powerful, display even more sharper.

Here are a few suggestions.

Nubia Red Magic 5G

This Android phone comes with a 6.65 inch screen, is power3ed by a Qualcomm Snapdragon, and features up to 12 GB of memory, Equipped with both front and rear high-resolution cameras, and it has own in-built gaming buttons. It has a 144HZ refresh rate display and supports 5G. 
In addition, vibration is also built-in to the handset, so gamers can experience every crash or shot.

Asus ROG Phone 5

In recent years, ASUS ROG laptops have become known as some of the best available for gamers, and now their phones are beginning to acquire a similar reputation.

The latest model is full of power and can be fitted with up to 16 GB of RAM. That means up to three games at a time could be run simultaneously, without any deterioration in speed.

The side of the phone features customisable buttons, whilst the software includes a dedicated gaming mode.

Some users may find that the proportions and weight are more than they would like.

Xiaomi Black Shark 3

Although not cheap, this is at the lower end of the price range among top models.

However, despite this, it has a lot to offer the dedicated gamer, included a top-end Snapdragon processor, and an enhanced cooling system. 

One of the best features of this phone are the accessories that come with it, including a clip-on charger that allows a player to continuing playing whilst charging up the handset, and the separate gamepad that means a game can be controlled without the need to touch the screen.

Apple iPhone 12

Whilst many of the best models currently available are for Android users, IOA and iPhone fans need not worry because the Apple iPhone 12 offers a stable, smooth gaming experience. Their processing speed is excellent, the graphics second to none, and the hardware/software integration of a superior quality. That means that it works seamlessly with any other Apple product.

In addition, users have an extensive collection of games they can access through the online store if they have the Apple Arcade subscription service.

One downside is cost – Apple phones are not chewap!


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