8 Things To Consider While Hiring The Best Corporate Video Maker

best corporate video maker

What should HR and Recruitment consider when hiring a professional creative like a video maker? Video has become an omnipresent way of digesting information, replacing many perceived ‘archaic’ media formats. Video is easy to get into, harder to forget, and is overall just an effective way of communicating information. 

We’ve compiled a list of things, traits, and aspects to consider when in the search for a new video maker for your company – so you don’t have to.

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Moving on, here is our list: 

1. Are They Engaged and Involved?

In interviews, ask the potential hire if they fully engage themselves in a project/job. Video makers need to collaborate with staff from the corporation and those who help them with the makings of corporate videos. 

They also need to have a level of decisiveness, to help maintain the smoothness of the production process, since it can become unpredictable.  

Ask for their references, and compare what they’ve told you to what their references say about their skill, work ethic and overall persona. Evidently, every professional deserves a fresh chance; however, this is a key initiative to not skip in the process of hiring (especially if the project is large-scale).

Do note that the video creator’s engagement will reflect directly on the final product(s). Communication between both sides of the company and the creatives will need to be concise and clear. This is what is needed to make a concept and a vision, a remarkable reality through video.
2. Are They Good at Time Management? 

Onset, there can be many possible obstacles that might emerge. A good video creator will know the importance of preparation in order to overcome obstacles and meet the deadline. 

A good hire will know to check if what they’re making is coherent with the project’s aims, but will also be sufficiently meticulous to handle other details such as what happens in pre-production, production, and post-production. 

Evidently, nobody expects one employee to be directly in charge of all these tasks; however, a good hire should be aware of many things going on with their team, since the creation of a corporate video is usually a collaborative effort. 

3. Organization and Damage Control
As stated before, a good video creator will know to anticipate any potential obstacles during a set. For the most part, the blueprint and plans for a corporate video shooting are done before the day of filming, but even then, what sets a good and a really good video maker from the rest is their damage control. 
And to be able to quell catastrophic obstacles impeding video production, you’ll need a video creator that’s organized – evidently. 

Ask the hire what they’ve done in past video productions to minimize mistakes and failures. Ask for their references as well. This isn’t an obligatory step in the hiring process, but again, if the corporation’s video project is large-scale, you’ll need someone who has this skill.      

4. How Creative Can They Be? 

This is another relevant question to think of while in the process of hiring a video creator. Check their portfolio and work samples, reflect on their work. Will they be able to fit the company’s vision? Do they understand the vision of your corporation? 

A good idea is to make them do a trial test – to create a short video around a theme that might be related to the corporation. This can effectively reveal: 

  • Their skill

  • Their creative style and level 

  • Work Ethic



5. Are They Dynamic and Effective? 

Assess their ability to be dynamic and efficient through interviews or otherwise. Which tasks would the company expect the hire to execute? Here are a few example tasks of what a corporate video creator can make, which ones have they done before, and what are the current production aims of the company?

  • Creation of instructional, safety, and training videos for corporate employees

  • Creation of presentations

  • Creation of videos that will promote and raise awareness of the company’s brand

  • Creation of videos that introduce novel products and services

  • Creation of corporate event videos 

  • Interviews with company leaders




6. How Much Do They Charge? 

Is the company looking to hire a resident video creator, or is it looking to outsource a one-off video project to a freelancer/agency? The company should consider a hire who is: 

  • Transparent about their pricing

  • Effectively communicates cost breakdowns

Consequently, keep in mind the company’s budget and how much they’re willing to invest in production or productions. 
7. Are They Team-Oriented?

Even lone video creators will need to collaborate and work with other professionals, especially in a corporate environment. Being proudly individualistic usually goes along with being creative, and this is a must for original-thinking but the company should also aim for a professional who is used to being in a team.

At the end of the day, corporate video production will result in corporate videos – which indeed, like any other work, needs creativity and innovation, but it still needs to inform or market. Ideally, a good hire is someone who can balance their creativity with the willingness to cooperate and yield to the company’s vision. 

8. Company’s Aims 

Consider the company’s aims and the corporate videos they intend on producing. Consider the scale of the project(s). Now look at this comprehensive breakdown of the potential hires you might find in the market, and their estimated price: 

  • Freelance or Individual Video Creator (cost: around $1000-10,000): A video creator who will typically be in charge of shooting and editing. Depending on the specialties and services, they might execute other tasks as well. This should be the cheapest option.  

  • Small/Medium-sized Agency (cost: around $10,000-100,000): A standard agency typically will take charge of writing, producing, filming, and editing.

  • Global Agency (cost: around $100,000): They will typically execute all tasks that a medium-sized agency would do; however, global agencies will usually also provide promotion and marketing services.

There are many capable and superbly creative video creators in the job market, especially in a thriving era of tech and visual arts. What’s important is to remember the company’s aims and goals, and to assess whether the new hire can fit their new position without too much difficulty.

A good level of experience and expertise IS needed for large-scale projects that involve many members and complicated production sets since video creation costs are very pricey and expensive – you want your money’s worth.

For smaller projects, one should look at a hire’s work samples and their overall character. Does their work speak to you? 

We hope our tips and advice will guide you and your company to successfully hiring the right video maker for your present and future video production goals. 

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