The Benefits Of Using Antivirus Program On Your Mac

benefits of using antivirus program on Mac

Anytime you’re online—which, let’s face it, is basically all of the time—your computer is constantly under threat. While Macs are less prone to viruses and cyber threats than PCs, they're still vulnerable. A good antivirus solution is both practical and essential for keeping your computer free from viruses and other problems so you can continue working without worrying about outside threats.

Whether you're doing audio production, video editing or working remotely, keeping your technology safe and secure should be a key priority. The benefits of antivirus software are plentiful. A good software solution will be fast, easy to use and clear in its presentation. It will also block spyware in addition to preventing viruses. 

Here's what a good antivirus solution can do to keep your Mac safe:

Eliminate viruses and malware

Have you been getting a lot of pop-up ads lately? Or perhaps your sys a slow system and are just some symptoms of possible malware on your computer. Viruses and malware are a problem for everyone, even if Macs are more difficult to target and infect. A staggering 60,000 pieces of malware specifically intended to attack Macs were created/developed in 2019 alone. The threat is quite real, even if it may seem otherwise.

Apple recommends avoiding the installation and use of third party apps on your Mac to avoid malware, but they offer little-to-no actual solutions for eliminating the pesky software once your system has fallen victim to infection. Consider using a supplemental antivirus program as an additional tool to help ward off infection. It'll work in the background and help effortlessly keep your computer clean without constant supervision.

Avoid scams and detect fraud

Viruses work by attaching themselves to legitimate programs and then each time that program runs, they can potentially replicate and cause problems with your computer and files. Scammers like to use Apple's tendency to not provide virus warnings to their advantage, spreading their malicious programs and sometimes scamming unsuspecting users.

Whether their purpose is perpetrating fraud (financial, identity theft or otherwise) or just having a laugh at the expense of others, malware is just a fact of life in the digital age. Antivirus software can help you detect scams or guard against suspicious phishing emails/websites, avoiding them and preventing fraud in the process.

Stop and prevent ransomware

Another compelling reason to get a powerful antivirus for Mac is the prevention and annihilation of the dreaded Ransomware. At its core, Ransomware is malicious software that infects a computer, effectively restricting access to the system and files until a ransom (typically $200 - $400) is paid to unlock the machine. Ransomware is usually spread via successful email phishing attempts or through an unauthorized automatic download on a website you're browsing. Good antivirus software detects these threats early on, informing the user of their presence and eliminating them.

Watch out for vulnerabilities

Sometimes, vulnerabilities in your applications can be exploited to spread malware onto your system. Maybe you opened an infected PDF in Adobe Reader or picked up some malware while browsing. Perhaps a friend created some homebrew software that somehow picked up a virus. Either way, a security issue may be present in some of your applications 

Antivirus will help detect exploits, but it's always wise to keep everything up to date and apply security patches to otherwise vulnerable applications. It can also help prevent another type of vulnerability: your privacy as it applies to unauthorized camera and microphone use.

Worry-free web browsing

There's nothing better than surfing the web secure in the knowledge that your privacy and data are not being compromised. Various types of malware sometimes hitch a ride via unauthorized "drive-by" downloads and it's always possible to pick up a virus from just about anywhere. Regular virus scans, using a firewall and keeping your virus definitions up-to-date are all superb ways to enhance the safety of your web browsing sessions.



Macs are incredible, versatile and extremely secure machines. While you may not experience many issues with viruses or malware on Mac OS, it never hurts to be prepared for it just in case. People will never stop creating malware and as Mac's soar in popularity, more malware specific to the platform will likely follow. Luckily, developers will always keep up with ways to counter any threats, whether it's an antivirus program or not.

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