The 6 Benefits Of Using A DSLR Camera

Benefits Of Using A DSLR Camera

There is a whole new wave of people using smartphones for photography. Who wouldn’t like taking the phone out of the pocket and then shooting videos and taking pictures anytime they want? But the thing is that for a person even a bit serious about photography, they have to use a camera. Cameras are BIGGER than smartphones but they do a way better job at taking photos and shooting videos than smartphones can currently do. Are you ready to learn more about whether this claim is right or wrong? Keep reading!

1. Quality Of The Images  

Most people now think that camera quality equates to the number of megapixels. The more megapixels a camera has, the better photos it is going to take. But this thinking is fundamentally wrong. Some companies are now even selling phones with “108 Megapixels” but they hardly can take a picture with better dynamic range etc. than a camera. The better resolution,  color depth, and factors like dynamic range enable DSLR cameras to take better photos than any smartphone or compact camera. Do you want to buy a camera? One of the best options you have is to buy a Canon DSLR Camera.

2. The Freedom To Focus

Smartphone cameras or compact digital cameras are not good at focusing on objects. They either make the wrong guess while focusing on an object or turn out photos that look bland. A DSLR camera is way better at focusing. Both Autofocus and Manual Focus of a DSLR camera allow it to take photos that are always more dynamic than a camera. 

3. Try Different Lens

Fixed lens present on smartphones limits the ability to take better-looking photos. Such lenses are made to take photos in a specific style and the quality is always below the standards. A DSLR camera provides a myriad of options when it comes to Lens choices. You can find a lens for ANY photography or videography that needs you compatible with a DSLR. When coupled with a Lens, a DSLR can produce stunning photos that are both lively and attractive. 

4. Superior Low-Light Performance

A camera is only reliable if it can take photos in all lighting situations. But with smartphone cameras or digital compact cameras, you can never think about taking good quality photos at night. Recent advancements in post-processing have improved the low-light performance of smartphones but they still don’t produce the results a professional photographer wants. Until we find a smartphone camera that can take amazing low-light photos, we have to rely on the superior low-light performance of DSLR cameras. 

5. A Huge Range Of Accessories

One of the main reasons why people prefer using DSLR cameras to this day is the range of available accessories. If you have a “Body” of a DSLR in your hand, you can load it up with several useful accessories. Things like attaching an external flash, adding a useful mic, or putting huge SD cards are not a problem with DSLRs. You can always have a pack of batteries that gives you a superb time for recording and taking pictures with your all-powerful DSLR. Plus there is no shortage of options when you see the lens choices for DSLR cameras. 

6. The Appearance

If you are a photography freak or want to look like a professional photographer, you have to make yourself different from novice smartphone photographers. Now there’s nothing wrong with using smartphones for photos and videos. Some people have the skills to take good shots even with limited resources, but when you are hired for an event, you have to ensure that you look and act like a pro. Your DSLR camera makes you different from a large crowd of people who don’t know anything about photography. 

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