Benefits Of Digitizing Documents With Document Automation Software And Systems

Digitizing Documents

Imagine a business environment where it took hours instead of just seconds to find critical information. Envision a situation where you lost a customer because you couldn’t answer a question in a timely manner. Consider what it would be like to sift through hanging file folders for an hour, unable to find the information you are looking for.

Unfortunately, this is a real situation for many businesses, especially those who have been in business for a few decades. These businesses started at a time when paper filing systems were the standard. Yet times have changed, and organizations of all kinds and ages need to get on board with digitized options for document storage and automation.

The integration of automated document management systems into your organization will play a vital role in enhancing the customer experience for your customers. Today’s customers demand efficient service and are not going to be satisfied if they have to wait for more than a moment or two to get assisted or to get their questions answered. In the old school business world of paper documents; however, it is not unusual for professionals to spend 15 minutes or more searching for the materials they need. And if this happens multiple times a day or week, imagine the lost productivity that your business will experience. Consider an administrative assistant who makes an income of $40,000 per year. If every day, one hour is spent searching for various documents, this will equal $1,000 in lost productivity, just for that individual, each year. When this happens for multiple employees, those productivity losses will quickly add up.

When organizations replace their manual paper-based document management systems with automated document management solutions, they can take advantage of the benefits of an automated information workflow that improves both accuracy and efficiency. Further, they are able to process documents without worrying about compromising the security of sensitive information. 

Five benefits of document digitization 

If you aren’t yet convinced that digitization of documents with document automation software and solutions is the ultimate solution for your business, consider these top five benefits.

1. Accessibility –Automated document management systems make it possible for you to access your content anywhere and with ease. For those on the road for business travel, all that is needed is a mobile device or laptop. Any authorized user in the organization can access their documents from anywhere, ensuring that the job can get done quickly.

2. Collaboration – If your organization has remote workers stationed throughout the globe, they will still be able to access company documentation. With document automation, there is no need for manual collaboration of documents. Further, the physical collaboration of teams is no longer necessary, which can help create an organization with the utmost in workplace flexibility. More and more companies are moving towards a remote work environment, and automated, and digitized document management systems make that possible. Further, your organization will likely experience improvements in the efficiency of how team members electronically communicate and work with one another due to digitized documents. This means improved organizational productivity.

3. Retrieval – As mentioned before, locating the hard copies of documents can be ridiculously time-consuming, and can be a drag on resources that could be spending their time on more productive tasks. Unfortunately, without the ability to quickly retrieve the relevant documents necessary to do your job, oftentimes, you are at a stall until you can solve the problem. With a digitized and automated document management system, you can retrieve your documents instantly, and all within one secure system.  

4. Storage –With a centralized location that any authorized user in the organization can access, the need for physical filing cabinets is eliminated. Digitized documents are securely stored and protected within the automated document management. There is no need to worry about unauthorized access as sensitive documents can be flagged and restricted to a limited number of users. Only the right people will have access to those documents, and with a digital system, it is often much easier to safeguard these files than it is when they are stored in a manual paper filing system.

5. Reduction –Today’s businesses are under pressure to lessen their carbon footprint. Document management systems not only help organizations to reduce their negative impact on the earth, but also provide increased return on investment (ROI) through less spend on manual document processing and handling. Organizations that adopt a digitized documentation system will immediately realize a benefit through fewer dollars spent on paper, printing ink, etc. And, additional savings will come through better resource management as employees can spend their time on more important tasks instead of hunting down documents.

Document automation software will help your business thrive 

More and more organizations are looking for ways to automate and modernize their business processes. One of the most effective and efficient ways to do so is through the implementation of a document management system. Once the system is in place (and implementation is usually quite painless), employees can be trained on the best way to use the system so that documents can be readily locatable and accessible going forward.

In a world where so many businesses fail because they don’t look to differentiate their business, implementation of this type of system is the next thing that can be done to help your organization be effective. Even organizations as complex as the United States federal government has turned to document digitization. In fact, by the end of 2022, the country’s National Archives and Record Administration will only accept electronic records from their agencies. 

With the ability to scan old school documentation into the system, it ensures that all documents going forward will be digitized. As a result, no matter what happens in your organization, your documents and important files will always be retrievable and accessible, and will no longer be lost forever in the event of a catastrophe. That’s just smart business. 

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