Top 6 Apps Built With Flutter

Apps Built With Flutter

Flutter is a Google platform that creates various application programs for devices like android and IOS. The Flutter from Google company has a lot of benefits for its users. It is very effective for app creation. Applications such as Google Ads, Hamilton musical, Alibaba, reflectly, Birch finance, coach yourself, water maniac, etc. Developing a flutter app is a job for professional developers. You might be asking, "how do I hire flutter app developers?' This has been made easy! Today, many online applications help you locate the best software developers within a short time. And also, with Procoders.Tech outstaffing agency, you'll get nothing but the professional, reliable, and best developers. The process is fast and efficient, and you can be assured you will get the best developers to do your work.

Quite a number of great and efficient android and IOS apps have been built with flutter. Examples of some of the top apps include.

Google Ads

Google ads is a utility app that helps Android users see pop-up stats on their smartphones. The Google Ads app shows alerts and applications for various campaigns. The beautiful thing about this app is it accepts and works on suggestions, inquiries, and complaints. You get to have a say about what you liked or did not like about the campaign. You also get to decline to receive a particular campaign and say why you do not appreciate such a campaign pop-up.


Reflectly is your definite go-to app to have a personal, self conversation. It is your best friend and diary all-in-one app. This app, created with flutter asks questions about your daily experience. You get to "tell" the app the gist of how your day went. The application takes statistics of how your average day goes. It also gives thoughtful insights into ways to have a more beautiful and relaxed day. You should totally try the Reflectly app.

Birch finance

Birch Finance is an app that helps you get the best of your credit cards. It is also designed to help users get the best credit card options available to them. The app does not only help you find the best possible credit card option available to you, but it also helps track down your spending. You also learn to earn and redeem rewards while making the most of your credit card. The secret to attaining financial discipline and freedom is finding a platform that helps you track down your spending! Many people most times do not realize how much they are spending until they are neck-deep in a financial crisis. The Birch finance app by flutter is an excellent start to financial independence and avoiding embarrassment.


Water, they say, is life! Not just that, most people attribute overall good health and clear skin to water intake. Watermaniac is an app built by flutter to help track down daily water intake. You get to set a goal for how much water you intend to take. The app sends you notifications at intervals reminding you to try to reach your water intake goal for the day. At the end of the day, you get to see how much improvement you could make on your water intake.


The world has taken a turn towards cryptocurrency. Many people realize that the crypto market is a gold mine and are trying their hands on various cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptograph is an app that provides users with up-to-date information about the crypto market. With about 1,600 cryptocurrencies presently and more to come, the app helps its users understand the workings of the crypto market. The app updates exchange rates, help you track which currency is on the rise and which is dropping. It also enables you to keep up with new cryptocurrencies coming up so you could invest.


Alibaba is an online market application powered by flutter. This online market links up users with goods suppliers all around the world. You get to buy whatever you want from different places from the comfort of your home, and it gets delivered to you conveniently.


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