6 Negotiating Tips to Lower Your Cable Bill

Tips to Lower Your Cable Bill

The quality things in life come with a price tag just like your cable bill. There’s no escaping from it. And sometimes, these bills might jump $10, or $15 without a clear reason or warning. This causes a lot of fuss, making it difficult for you to take care of your expenses. Even though you have to pay these bills every year but don’t worry! There are different ways through which you can lower the cable bill without having to sacrifice your favorite shows.  One of the ways is negotiating with your cable provider.

Why Negotiation Is Necessary?

You have to understand that sometimes the prices listed are not set in stone. Your cable provider might offer you some flexibility in cost. Plus, there are other incentives such as free installation which may not lower your cable bill but would definitely save you on upfront costs. Whenever you talk to an agent, it is best to tell them about your budget and needs. They will then suggest to you the best deal that you can get.

Apart from going with a lower-priced deal, you must also try to negotiate the cost with your provider which will help you save money from wasting it. You can then use that budget to meet other expenses. However, keep in mind to do your research on what competitors are offering for the service before negotiating. This is because it might solidify your case for why you should be paying less.

Some Tips for Negotiation

Once you have decided to negotiate the cost of your bill with the cable provider then you should keep the following tips in mind. They will help you with the process.

#1. Be Nice

Always remember to be nice and friendly with the sales agent as it will build your rapport. This can sometimes help you in your negotiation.

#2. Be Aware of Your Current Level of Service

You have to know what service you are subscribed to, what it offers and what you are getting. You can then make notes of what you like and dislike about the service and can use it in your negotiation process.

#3. Do Some Research

It is always best to do some research first before you consider opting for a deal. You should know how many devices you own or what channels you like to watch. This could help you find the best package.

#4. Don’t Agree to the Initial Offer

Don’t ever agree to the first offer you get from the cable provider. You should take your time to dig deeper and who knows you might save even more or discover additional incentives.

#5. Ask If There Is Hidden Fees Involved

You might choose a plan by looking at its base price but not many know that there are some hidden charges involved such as installation fees, activation fees, etc. When making a purchase you should always ask the agent if you have to pay any hidden price. Also, ask if the price is negotiable.

#6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask & Keep Your Opinions Open

Whenever you are in doubt, it is best to ask the agent if there are any other incentives or promotions you are missing out on. Also, don’t shop with having your mind fixed on a specific plan. It is always best to keep your choices open. You should also ask the agent to tell you about all the options. This is because you might just find something that best suits your needs and budget.

What Is Negotiable on Your Bill?

Apart from the price itself, there may be certain incentives or promotions that can help you lower the cost of your bill. These are as follows.

  • Free activation, equipment & installation
  • Free speed & channel upgrades
  • Visa gift card rewards
  • Free Netflix for 12 months
  • Priority installation

In the end, you should not be afraid to ask your cable provider if there is anything that could help lower the bill.

What If Negotiations Fall Flat?

If you have used all the options and tips during your negotiation with the agent but still couldn’t get the required results then you can opt for some other options to save money. You can consider going for streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. Or, you can invest in Sling TV. Also, you can watch content on video-sharing websites such as YouTube, or Dailymotion.


Hefty cable bills can put a dent in anyone’s pocket. Therefore, it is important to negotiate with the cable provider so you can find some relief in your cable bills. I use the TV services of Spectrum and find their packages to be extremely affordable. However, always remember to ask the agent if the option of negotiation is available along with what perks and benefits would you get by subscribing to the service.

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